Wednesday, August 5, 2015

design services

Hi Friends! It has been a minute since I have given Alexandra Interiors some much needed love. My interior design business, Alexandra Interiors, is in full swing and I even have actual real life business cards to prove it! (500 of them! Come and get'em!)

I've finally added a "design services" page to my blog that features the services I offer. (Also posted below.) Whether you have a remodel, new construction or just need a "refresh" of your space, Alexandra Interiors is here to help! I also hope to be blogging more and adding my projects. I've had some fun ones lately, including a wedding of one of my dear friends that turned out amazing.  

In-Home Design Services

-One hour in-home consult: needing ideas for your home? Let Alexandra Interiors come spend an hour in your home for a full service design consult. Walk us through your entire home or just focus on one space, whatever your needs are we can help! We love giving our opinions and ideas. $45

-Full Service Design: includes a one hour initial design consult to asses your space and talk about style, budget, and needs. After the first consultation, we will work together on an hourly basis to pick everything and anything from fabric and furniture to flooring and paint! Alexandra Interiors can provide installation and purchasing of all items.  Hourly rate depending on scope of project- starting at $50

E-Design Services
 What is E-Design
E-Design, or virtual design, is a great alternative to traditional interior design services. We start with inspiration photos and create a Pinterest board to figure out the best design. We will correspond via e-mail, phone calls, and FaceTime to create a home design for your style, budget, and needs. 

What you will receive:
-A customized story board of your space(s) 
-A source list where items can be purchased
-A Pinterest board for inspiration

What I need from you:
-Inspiration photos 
-Photos of your space(s)

E-Design Pricing: 

-Basic Package: includes a customized storyboard, Pinterest board, and source list where items can be purchased. It’ll give you a detailed direction for your space and a complete list of items and where to purchase.  $150

-Full E-Design Package: includes a customized storyboard, Pinterest board, source list,  and installation of all items (once purchased by the client)  $150 + hourly rate ($50) for installation (installation for UTAH residents only)

Questions, comments, concerns? Don't hesitate to contact me! I can easily be reached by email:


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Life as of Late

We've been ultra busy around here lately and enjoying time with family, horses, and friends. Fall is in full force and it's so refreshing! I love when the hair gets crisper, colder, and the leaves start to change.

I had my last horse show a couple weeks, it was great. My horses were both rockstars and we had a wonderful time. We then left for Georgia to see family and now we are back, catching up on homework, preparing for the end of the semester (WHERE DOES TIME GO?) and having a good time celebrating halloween and the rest of the fall festivities.  I haven't even had time to decorate for halloween, but I did get plenty of decorating time in while on my trip to Georgia. I will post those pictures later..they deserve their own post. I got a chance to help my cousin-in-law decorate her nursery for her baby boy that comes the beginning of next month, and choose paint, carpet, cabinets, etc., for a couple rental properties owned by the family, and lastly my mother in law's house.

Aside from all that, here are some fun pictures as of late. And a quote that I am loving....I want to get it framed and add it to my gallery wall I am slowly working on (emphasis on the slow).

Miss Bambi rocked the show. We took reserve champion in our hunter class 18-39 age group. She was a rockstar and I am so proud. 

One of my best showing partners. Laura, is a dear friend whom I compete against often, but have a wonderful relationship with. She just took reserve champion at U.S. Nationals, she is a stunning rider.

My cute momma/the greatest show mom 

We had our annual Russell family halloween party yesterday. It was a blast as always. I love spending time with my cousins, grandma, pa, and aunts/uncles. Never a dull moment and grandma always has the best food! We have taken a picture on the front step for as long as I can remember after we've all carved our pumpkins. We've got two new "cousins" too, which makes for a fun time.

And lastly, this cute boy that I am obsessed with. I've had to share him with law school and it's been a lot harder than I thought it would be. Nonetheless, I am so proud of him and all the hard work he is doing. He is loving school (take the word "love" lightly) and let's hope he doesn't pull faces like that during class. 


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Blogging is sparse around here, but that is okay. I have come to realize sometimes you have to put laying on the couch in your pajamas ahead of trying to cram WAY to many things into a day. Decompressing is key for me to keep my sanity (accompanied by the people I love and my horses) but as I have been juggling work and school, I am starting to realize what my priorities really are. Speaking of school, I have THREE classes left after this semester. That is big news.

Currently, I am obsessing over a store, a pair of shoes, and pretty watercolor prints. Good mix, eh?

1- I recently came across a company called 31BITS and I fell in absolute LOVE with their jewelry. As I started to look more and more on their site, I became even more in love with there products because of their business motto and cause.

In a nut shell, they empower people to rise above poverty using fashion and design . Read there "about me" portion here. My favorite necklace was the "terrazo" but they even have the cutest kids line, too! Yes, itty bitty children's jewelry!
What a great gift or a special purchase for yourself! Take a tour of their site and view some items.
Don't forget to check out the blog too! What inspiring women!

2- THE BEST FLATS YOU COULD EVER OWN AKA Clarks Dunbar Cruisers. I bought a pair of these while in Vegas at Market because my feet were killing me. Now, I want them in every color! They are dressy enough for work, but comfy enough to run errands around and stand on your feet all day long. When you find a good flat, don't let it pass you by. Nordstrom has a leopard pair that is too die for, but I will be honest, I don't know how I feel about them being calf hair (yeah, I am one of "them") They come in an array of colors and fabrics, so you'll always have plenty to choose from.

3-I have developed a fascination with delicate and feminine watercolor prints...I blame Pinterest. 
Particularly those in the form of animals, calendars and delicate flowers. I was told by a professor of mine that we should all do something creative at least once a week, but has to be out of the ordinary. Being a design students and having to make more boards than I can count; inspiration collages fabric collages, paint board, sketches, AutoCAD plans, etc. the creativity part becomes more of a job than something we actually enjoy. I took what she said to heart and wanted to make a goal of trying to do something creative that isn't interior design for myself. I knew it probably wouldn't happen every week, I wish it could, but I was trying to be realistic....So, my mother graciously picked out watercolors for me and I got going pinning tutorials for myself to try. Now, if you ask if I have actually used them yet, the answer would be no. And I am so bugged. Sooner or later though, I would like to try my own hand at some delicate watercolor prints. What a great piece to add to the gallery wall too! What do you do that is creative and out of your comfort zone?
Here are a few of my favorite below...


Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Lately, I've been thinking a lot about how fashion translates a great deal into interior spaces.
Especially after reading this post from one of my favorite bloggers.
As I was driving in my car today on my way to Costco (because that's really when the imagination juices get going...Costco!) I was thinking about what I would wear tomorrow (I know I'm not the only person that does this...trying to put outfits together for work 5 days a week is hard work!) once I came up with a solid choice, I put the colors of the shirt that I was wanting into a room setting. How would they translate? Would that couch be a linen or a leather? How would I incorporate the patent leather black flats? Ottoman top? Fun accent pillow? Sounds silly I know, but it's one way that I like to use my imagination to create and to be inspired by simple things.
And now for the real cheeeeeseball part of this post, as if it isn't cheesy enough... It just tickles me that everyday, all day, you can receive inspiration from your surroundings. Inspiration is all around you. I just really love that!

Here's a couple outfits that inspired interior room for me...thank you Pinterest!



Although this particular room isn't quite my style, I love the contrast of materials and neutral colors. As for the outfit, I LOVE it. She has fairly neutral colors as her base with elements that really pop. Just like the elements in the room above; printed rug, fur throw.


This interior and outfit is SO ME. Stripes...herringbone...white crisp walls, tortoise sunnies, how can you go wrong??? The bold black door translated into a leather jacket for, while the geometric shapes in both pictures compliment one another.



Although only one part of this room is show, I was so drawn to the detail and structure in the doors. I love the occasional pops of color too, in both fashion and interior pictures.


I know I said another collage was my favorite, but this one really is THE favorite. I love the animal print with the richer oranges and neutrals. I found all of these outfits to be inspiring, simply because they are so out of the norm for me. The lace, the wood, the prints, the colors....what a mix!

what inspires you and your interiors?


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

LV Market

A couple weekends ago, I had the chance to visit the Las Vegas Market. Although it wasn't quite as big as the High Point Market, I was able to see some great lines. I was able to look more at Surya's rugs, pillows, and beddings. I didn't get the chance to walk around their show room while in High Point, so I was glad that I had more time to look around at this market.

The first two pictures are from a model home in Saint George (I loved the floors in this home and believe it or not, they were tile. I also really liked the shower in the master bath.  Although smaller, I liked the way they laid it out and the corner bench seat.) 


Robert Allen Sconces via Circa Lighting

Circa Lighting

This hutch was so divine. How great would it be in a dining or living room? You could put it just about anywhere. It's a beauty. 

I have loved Caitlin Wilson's line for quite sometime and am determined to acquire a car seat cover made by her once I start my family in the future. Her display was darling and so were the bags they were giving out!

I loved this pink shelf with gold detailing for a girl's room. 

LV MARKET had some great items and was easy to breeze through in a day. Next time, I will hunt out the store before hand that I want to go through and just hit those. This is a gift show too, so a lot of the displays aren't anything that I would be buying or needing, but they were cute. 

Have a great day and thanks for reading!


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Guest Post: TOOVIA

Check out an article that I wrote on, a lifestyle magazine. Thoughts and comments are always welcome....

As always, have a great day!


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

grass cloth walls

My mom is starting to re-do her home and one detail on the to-do list is the possibility of grass cloth walls in her dining room. She has really high ceilings and windows but minimal walls, which present the perfect opportunity for a grass cloth wallpaper. I prefer grass cloth in small spaces or broken up so that it doesn't become overwhelming. It adds a gorgeous texture to a space and is so pleasant to the eye. It comes in a variety of colors, too.

I love the idea of incorporating molding into a wall that breaks up the wallpaper.

I love the look of the lighter vanity and gold fixtures with a darker grass cloth. What a great contrast!

Hello darling pup!

How cool is it in a small powered room??

What do you think of grass cloth walls? Would you ever use them as a wall treatment in your own home?